From the 1st of June 2021, I will start giving a weekly class in Portugal.

The class will be held in Monte Rosa (Barão de São João), 9h30 – 11h. This class will be given in English.

Though I would rather not name my classes, I would say it is a hatha. Ideally, it is aimed at intermediate students who are also interested in the work on the breath and the bandhas, in the subtler energy movements in the body and in a deeper work.

I also hope to create other opportunities in other places, in English, but also in French. Saying that, I am opened to receiving suggestions 😉

❤︎ 🌿 ❤︎ 🌿 ❤︎ 🌿 ❤︎ 🌿 ❤︎ 🌿 ❤︎ 🌿

In the future, I would like to be able to give classes between Portugal and Switzerland. I would be settled here in Portugal, but would go back regularly to Switzerland to cover classes, give long practices, and workshops.

While at the same time carry on organizing retreats more regularly, in Switzerland, in Portugal and sometimes elsewhere 💫