Sunday 17th – Saturday 23rd September 2023

Ponte de Lima, North of Portugal



A new beautiful co-created project

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« Most ruptures and traumas happened in disconnection, so in order to truly be well, we need connection. » 

Dive in a journey of Yoga and Deep ecology, feel one with yourself and the world and come back home replenished.

Nested in a beautiful eco-resort of North Portugal, we will practice together our « toolkit to re-connection ».

To root back joyfully to life, focusing on three common points of disconnection; the Self, Community and Nature. 

Our toolkit is a collection of practices and rituals rooted in Yoga and Deep Ecology, aswell as our own experience as practitioners and lovers of Life. 

The lush valley of Ponte de Lima will naturally disconnect you from the daily routine and worries, and connects you directly to the beautiful surroundings. 

Beyond the time in the practice, we will also share the joy of getting to know each other in different settings; over delicious vegan brunches, through the hikes along the river, or simply at the natural pool of the Eco-resort.  

Let’s be one. 

Deborah & Carole

A few more words on the week and an example of the retreat’s schedule.

The week will be given in several languages depending on who will be participating. But probably French, English and Portuguese.

It will begin on Sunday 17th around 4pm with a tea and an opening circle, so we can all come together and share intentions.

And it will end on Saturday 23rd after a last yoga practice followed by a last breakfast together.

From Monday to Friday, the program will be as followed.

(It might still change a bit, but this gives you an idea)

7:30: Wake up, garden’s tea, lemonades and fruits.

8:00 – 10:30 : Yoga Practice (asana, pranayama and meditation)

11:00 : Vegan Brunch

12:00 : Break, Free time 

14:00 : Nature connection activity like Tibetan walk // Hike in forest with walking meditation // Yoga Karma walk // beach cleaning (picking trash) and gathering of stones and seashells.

16:30 : Team building dynamics in nature // Creation of temporary Mandala with upcycled and organic elements // Exploration of sensoriel walk in duo (one is blinded, the other guide) // etc.

17:30 : Coming home

18:00 : Meditation and sharing circle and dynamics.

19:30 : Vegan dinner

21:00 : Tea and stories around the fire (optional)

❃ A few more words on Deep Ecology and Yoga.

Deep Ecology

Deep ecology is an eco-philosophy and a social movement that views the self as part of nature and nature within all. 

From this philosophy sprouted practices like The Work that Reconnect, Permaculture, Forest therapy and Land Art. 

During this week, we will explore a bit of all those practices, collectively, creatively and joyfully and celebrate the wonderful web of life that we are.

The link to Déborah’s instagram coming soon.


Asana, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.

Reconnecting to our body first, to our sensations, to our inner knowing.

Calming our nervous system down.

Rediscovering that there is a place within us, that is spacious, peaceful and blissful.

And as the Self reveals itSelf, it displays its interconnectedness with all there is.

The cooking

The food will be prepared for us with love by Melina, a very dear friend to both of us.

Details of her work coming soon.

❃ Prices for accommodation and food

We offer double and triple room options.

The price includes all the meal and the 6 nights of accommodation.

Double 690€

Triple 600€

(Possibility of a single room, only if the retreat isn’t full.)

We will take a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 12.

❃ Prices for the yoga and deep ecology part

We will ask for this part to be paid in cash on your arrival.

And we give a price range between 250 and 350 euros.

Registrations and questions

For your registration or questions, you can send us an email at carole@yogandlov.com

We ask you to fill in a form and pay a deposit of 300€ to save your spot.


This deposit is already a payment towards your accommodation.

We ask you to pay the remaining amount at least one month before the retreat starts.

Both the deposit and later the balance, can be paid on the following account:

(Thank you for specifying your name and « retreat September 2023 »)

Ralf Schafhirt

Chemin du Levant 137, 1005 Lausanne
Banque : millennium BCP

What a beautiful opportunity to share wisdom, to connect and to laugh.

To dive deeper at the heart of oneself, where we realise we all wish for happiness, connection and love.

Looking forward to sharing this week with you.