When I get asked “what” yoga I teach, I am always a little baffled.

I am not teaching today what I was teaching when I was 25 years old, and my teaching will have changed again in 5 years.

It evolves with me, by my inner discoveries, my own experiments, through my life experience and my many encounters.

It beautifies with the years, for it gets closer to who I am.

It softens with time, for it realises it has nothing to prove.

It takes more and more space in my life, for I realise it is it.

And it gives itself the right to be everything, detached from any doctrine, for it knows it is unlimited.

I do not need to know what it is.

What matters is that it brings rest, and presence.

That it brings space and transforms the fear of it into curiosity to know oneself.

That it reinforces our discernment and gives us back our inner power.

That it makes us want to care – for ourselves – for others – for life.

That it teaches us to live with grace and authenticity each moment of our life.

That it awakens us and leads us at the heart of ourselves.

Where softness envelops everything.

Where we know ourselves to be connected.

Within Love.

That it becomes a state of being.